Sonic Drive-In Restaurant Reporting Software

Logic Forte’s restaurant reporting software offers sought-after features like reporting and Quickbooks integration with Micros and Infor POS, giving Sonic Drive-In owners and operators an exceptionally customizable tool for comprehensive restaurant KPI analysis. Let Logic Forte remove the guesswork from data analysis—for accurate, bottom-line reports that help you make sound business decisions.

How It Works

Logic Forte’s data management solutions have been curated over time to become the most intuitive reporting service for Sonic Drive-In franchisees. From initial data collection to transparent reporting, as well as the capability to show real-time restaurant data, Logic Forte understands restaurant operators’ reporting and analytics needs, and our data experts strive to meet them all with one product suite.

Go Under the Hood

Logic Forte helps you manage payroll, store performance, and more—all in one convenient platform.

Why It Works

Comprehensive reporting and integrations with platforms such as Micros and Infor Point of Sale make Logic Forte incredibly beneficial to QSRs like Sonic. Beyond easy integration, Logic Forte also offers convenient, on-demand data delivery and customizable reports that provide clearly quantifiable measures of success and help identify potential pitfalls and profit loss. Logic Forte’s services give our customers the confidence of accurate, insightful data that helps point to new ways restaurants can reach profitability goals.

Get Behind the Logic

Customized for Your Restaurants

Logic Forte has implemented many product integrations over the years, resulting in a suite of data reporting services:

  • Many POS integrations including Micros and Infor
  • Corporate integrations
  • Payroll software integrations
  • Accounting software integrations
  • Banking integrations
Integrations & Additional Services
See a full list of product integrations, including Micros-Quickbooks interfacing and Infor reporting, available with Logic Forte’s services.

About Logic Forte

Our dedication to providing powerful data analysis and reporting—be it for Micros, Infor, or nearly any other restaurant POS—is evident in the Logic Forte story.

Our Team

Logic Forte’s integrations with Micro reports and Infor reports can help Sonic Drive-In owners and operators replace systems.

Support & Consultation

Hiring experienced data analysts with a keen understanding of the KPI that impact restaurants takes Logic Forte’s customer service to realm of stellar.

Excellent Care

Success Stories

Discover how Logic Forte has helped Sonic Drive-In franchisees like you improve their restaurants' bottom line and identify opportunities for tangible growth.

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