Our Integrations

Do you spend too much time on manual data entry that could be automated? We can prepare and send custom data to most payroll and accounting systems.

Sonic Drive-In
Logic Forte’s advanced restaurant dashboards and point of sale analytics systems integrate with Micros Point of Sale
Logic Forte offers Infor point of sale analytics integration for our restaurant dashboards and restaurant forecasting services for Infor POS
Flightware Point of Sale
OrderMatic POS
APlus Payroll
Oasis Payroll
Paycom Payroll
Sage Accounting
Intuit QuickBooks Accounting
Proliant Payroll
Diehl Banwart Bolton CPA
Inventory Xpress
CS Accounting by Thompson Reuters
System Eight HR by ARC Technologies

Looking for integrations not listed here?

You can lower your costs and better manage your restaurants by having us integrate with all of your systems, including Point of Sale, Food Vendors, Accounting and Payroll Systems, Online Banking, Customer Satisfaction, and more. We are always integrating with new systems and provide you with open access to data from your systems.

The Logic Forte team can usually build an integration for your additional systems and platforms in several days or weeks, depending on how easy it is to access the data and the type of data needs to be collected or delivered. We have experience integrating with closed and proprietary systems that are otherwise difficult or impossible to collect data from or deliver data to.

Consider these questions when thinking about data from your various restaurant systems:

  • Where is your data? Too often, your data is spread across many different systems such as POS and accounting that provide limited access to data. Logic Forte keeps all of your data in one place.
  • Who owns your data? In some cases, you do not own the data stored in the systems you use. You must transfer the data to your own system, but that may cost you money or access may not be granted. Logic Forte believes that you own your data, and provides you with open access to your data.
  • Can your data be lost? This becomes an issue for several reasons. How often does the system backup your data? Backups are rarely included. How long is your data stored? Many POS automatically purge your history to keep their costs down. We never purge data for active customers. We have 10-15 years of data for many of our long-time customers.

Take control of your data today! Let us help you boost your profits by using data from all of your existing restaurant systems to better understand and manage your business.

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