Effective Restaurant Data Management Solutions

Logic Forte’s data management solutions for Sonic Drive-In owners and operators save valuable time and identify intelligent opportunities for growing profits.

Logic Forte helps you pinpoint your locations' strengths and weaknesses.

Do you know what's actually happening with all of your restaurants? If not, we can help you monitor your business and identify potential problems that could affect your sales and profits.

Is your data trapped? Maybe you can't access your data because it is in a proprietary system or because you've been told you do not own your data. We can usually help you—even if others have told you it is “impossible” to access the data you need.

Logic Forte’s data management solutions and POS reports software help Sonic franchisees—as well as other restaurant owners and operators—discover potentially troublesome trends, like out-of-control restaurant labor costs or excessive discounts. Owners can also view data at a glance to see which locations are performing best and why and take steps to enable restaurant theft prevention before related issues arise.

Logic Forte’s data management solutions and real-time restaurant dashboards give operators the ability to deeply examine what’s happening in their restaurants and create goals accordingly.

So, why does it matter? It's simple: Logic Forte is your restaurant's pathway to measurable, scalable success.

Raise Your Bottom Line

Logic Forte organizes and frees your data, aggregating it into one centralized location so you can more easily make informed decisions that help you grow your business:

  • See the sources of your restaurant's biggest labor costs
  • Monitor stagnant performance
  • Open up more opportunities for you to access the full scope of your data
  • Automate insightful reports instead of compiling them manually

With more time on your side and money in your pocket, it's easy to see why Logic Forte helps you raise your bottom line.

Increase Your Profit Margins

Logic Forte makes it easy to capitalize on your biggest profit wins and minimize losses. Logic Forte’s restaurant KPI dashboard reporting is capable of providing a crystal-clear view of custom-defined aspects of your restaurants' performance, from reports on your greatest labor and food costs to your most valuable menu items.

What Sets Us Apart

What if you could unlock your data to identify profitability problems before it was too late? Logic Forte was created to give control back to the restaurant owner by having accurate, insightful information available at your fingertips so that you can make informed decisions and increase your profit margins. Get started with a demo today.

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