POS Monitoring & Reporting

Logic Forte’s POS monitoring and POS reporting services include dashboards that can be viewed in real time or via emailed reports that provide insightful analytics to Sonic Drive-In franchisees and other restaurant operators.

Putting Logic Forte to Work for Your Restaurant

Logic Forte’s intuitive restaurant dashboards and data reports offer more by way of data collection, analysis, POS reporting, and results than any competing data analysis tool can. How does it work? Logic Forte automatically captures restaurant data from existing point of sale systems—including Micros, Infor, and other POS options for restaurants—and securely transfers the data to our open API system, where it is then reformatted for easy organization as well as continuity and readability.

Restaurant Data Collection & Analysis

Once they’re translated into an informative and easily digestible package, Logic Forte can deliver your restaurant POS reports via email or text as frequently as desired or even viewed in real time through restaurant dashboards. Sonic Drive-In restaurant operators using Logic Forte can take advantage of customizable reports for a visual forecast of their restaurants’ strengths and weaknesses as well as location comparisons, custom alerts, and more. 

Restaurant Reporting & Dashboards

Ultimately, Logic Forte’s POS monitoring and reporting services make it easier for Sonic Drive-In restaurant owners and operators to see the bottom line, make sound business decisions, and help every restaurant reach its full potential. 

Restaurant Profit Loss Prevention

Find out how Logic Forte’s POS monitoring services make profit loss prevention more of a reality than ever before.

Learn more about how Logic Forte’s POS monitoring services came to be.

About Logic Forte

Logic Forte has been providing POS monitoring systems to quick-service restaurants since 2002. Read more about our history and values.

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Logic Forte’s POS monitoring services come with an expert team of analysts who understand the restaurant industry.

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Troubleshooting your POS monitoring and analysis is made quick and painless thanks in part to Logic Forte’s team of experienced analysts and industry experts.

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Logic Forte’s POS monitoring and POS reporting services come with helpful resources.

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