Technology Support

The Logic Forte team has been helping restaurants with their technology needs for over 15 years. Let us help you leverage the latest on-premise technologies to help you run a more efficient and more profitable business.

Understanding Your Technology Systems

In a restaurant, there are many different systems you use to manage your technology: Point of Sale, Time Clock, Accounting, Payroll, Banking, Phones, Internet, and more. None of these systems typically communicate with each other. As a result, you are missing viable information that can be collected and used to make informed decisions.

Logic Forte is committed to not only connect these systems, but also keep up with new systems and new trends. We make sure that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. More and more owners like yourself are not in the restaurant every day. It seems like you are the last one to find out when a system goes down or has a problem.

Logic Forte gives you the ability to view everything that is going on with your restaurant in real time, and our team can provide front-line support for your on-premise technology. Because of that, you are able to make real-time decisions and effectively manage and run your restaurant technology from anywhere.

Understanding Your Technology Problems

Technology in the restaurant industry is changing at a rapid pace. The problem is, what works and what doesn't work? What integrates with what you currently have? When should you get rid of a system you have been using for decades? More importantly, who do you turn to who knows all of this for your restaurant?

This is where Logic Forte comes into play. To help you navigate the technology space for your restaurant and help you make informed decisions of which technology should be kept and replaced. All from the perspective of helping you grow your business, and make sure profit margins are not lost to outdated or meaningless technology.

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