Increasing Restaurant Profit Margins

Logic Forte’s restaurant KPI dashboard reporting provides a crystal-clear view of custom-defined aspects of each restaurant’s performance, from its greatest labor costs to its most valuable menu item.

Reach Your Restaurants’ Optimal Potential

Our easily customizable restaurant dashboard reports, including real-time data on KPI for restaurant goals, can help Sonic Drive-In franchisees and managers analyze and improve operations across the board. By giving time back to those who spend too many hours dissecting unclear or otherwise flawed data reports, Logic Forte offers deep insights at your convenience. After all, the overarching goal of the typical restaurant operator is to help optimize his or her restaurant profit and loss margins and push the business to its full potential. Logic Forte makes attaining that goal easier.

Reduce Data Scrutiny and Labor Costs

One crucial way Logic Forte raises profit margins for Sonic Drive-In owners and operators is by reducing restaurant labor cost issues through meaningful reporting. For instance, the time management spends scrutinizing data on KPI for restaurant goals only to then send reports to third-party services—from payroll to accounting to banking—is often in excess. The more time spent reviewing a given data report to be sent to someone else, the more the margin for error can increase (not to mention the possibility of that data being flawed in the first place due to POS reporting errors such as rounded numbers instead of approximates). Logic Forte’s software integration options are curated with ease of use in mind, so you can be confident your data is always accurate and transparent.

Identify Primary Areas of Restaurant Profit and Loss

Our precise data reports translate murky information from other POS programs, delivering it in an organized format right to your email or to a restaurant KPI dashboard you can view in real time. These reports are fully customizable, so you can emphasize the data that matters most to your restaurant’s profit and loss margins, from opportunities for stronger restaurant theft prevention to your best-performing menu items to overall cost comparisons over time.

Logic Forte arms restaurant operators, who may feel disconnected from the day-to-day operations, with the reliable reporting needed to make intelligent business decisions based on accurate, insightful data.

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