Reporting & Dashboards

Logic Forte has created a system to help organize all of your data into one intuitive set of dashboards and reports. This gives you an opportunity to view where your labor, food, and many other costs are so that you can address problems before they grow out of control and cause profit losses.

Logic Forte can help you with these issues related to reporting and dashboards.

Is too much time being spent communicating important numbers and stats to the correct people in your business?

  • You can give everyone on your team access to their own custom online dashboards and reports.
  • Each person on your team can schedule automatic delivery of their custom reports. (e.g. specific time each day, week, month, quarter, etc).

Are you continually losing money because of high variable costs (e.g. labor or food)?

  • Use dashboard and reports to manage your variable costs across each location.
  • See exactly how costs compare over time, or between multiple locations.
  • Identify locations that are doing very well, or doing very poorly.

Do you know if your business is healthy or unhealthy?

  • Use dashboards and reports to monitor the true health of your business.
  • Ensure your sales are growing and your costs are being kept under control.

Some owners do not realize their business is unhealthy until it is too late.

Do you have systems and processes in place that allow you to visually see what is happening at any of your restaurants at a glance?

You need to identify problems as early as possible to minimize profit loss. We can help you quickly identify unusual costs or sales declines before it is too late.

Do all of the different systems in your restaurant communicate with each other to provide a better understanding of where your business is at?

  • Are cash and credit card deposits arriving in your bank account on time?
  • Are customer satisfaction scores having an impact on your sales?

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