Loss Prevention

Every dollar counts. Logic Forte can help you protect your restaurant profit margins by watching for problems that affect your Labor Costs and Food Costs. We can help you monitor and compare overall trends, as well as mistakes or theft related to individual transactions.

Logic Forte can help you with these issues related to loss prevention.

Are you continually losing money because of high variable costs (e.g. labor or food)?

  • Use dashboard and reports to manage your variable costs across each location.
  • See exactly how costs compare over time, or between multiple locations.
  • Identify locations that are doing very well, or doing very poorly.

Do you know your numbers so that you can hold your managers and employees accountable for their performance?

  • Use dashboards and reports to quickly identify under-performing locations or employees.
  • Drill-down into your data to identify WHY individual locations or employees are under-performing.
  • Continue to monitor data to ensure locations or employees are meeting performance goals.

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