Data Collection & Analysis

Logic Forte uses a wide variety of methods to automatically collect and analyze data from all of your existing restaurant systems. Our staff proactively help you resolve problems with your data, so that we can provide you with accurate and complete information.

Logic Forte can help you with these issues related to data collection and analysis.

Are your office staff spending too much time collecting data, resolving problems with the data, and entering the data into complicated programs that generate reports that may or may not be accurate?

  • We automatically collect data from all of your systems.
  • Our system automatically identifies missing data, incomplete data, and some incorrect data.
  • Our team works directly with your stores to resolve data problems.

Do you have multiple locations or multiple franchise brands using different Point of Sale (POS) platforms, preventing you from viewing all of your data in once place?

  • We can collect data from multiple brands and multiple POS platforms and show the combined data together on the same dashboards and reports.
  • Many platforms use the same name for different metrics. We spend a significant amount of time understanding the data from each POS platform so that our system is comparing apples to apples.
  • We are always adding support for more POS platforms.

Do you spend too much time on payroll or accounting data entry that could be automated?

  • We can prepare and send custom data to most payroll and accounting systems.
  • We can send the data as soon as it is available, or we can give your team an opportunity to review and approve the data first.

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