Service Updates - August 2018

In this post about Logic Forte's most recent service updates, CIO Jason Klein details Logic Forte's resolution for minor time-related labor report discrepancies as well as a new payroll integration.

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Labor Reports for Micros POS

We have resolved the rounding issues that were causing minor discrepancies between Employee Labor statistics on Logic Forte reports compared to Micros POS reports.

We originally expected this to be related to rounding problems since we calculate labor by the minute and many POS platforms round daily labor to the hundredth of an hour. We were surprised to determine that Micros calculates labor by the second, so we updated our system to also calculate labor by the second and our Employee Hours and Wages statistics now appear to match Micros POS reporting perfectly.

Learn more in our white paper about Micros Time Clock Reports.

Payroll Integration with CS Accounting

Several franchisees have moved their accounting and payroll to CS Accounting by Thompson Reuters.

Customers can download accounting and payroll data from Logic Forte into CS Accounting. We have a franchisee who has been importing their daily journal entries into the CS Accounting system at the end of each month for several months. We have several franchisees who are importing Employee New Hires and Employee Rates/Hours/Tips into the CS Accounting Payroll system when they process payroll.

Logic Forte is able to integrate with many different accounting and payroll systems. Contact us if your back office would like to streamline your accounting or payroll workflow.

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