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Read Logic Forte's white paper about how recent problems with the Micros DSR report affect Ticket Time averages, Late Ticket counts, and Ticket Sales and Ticket Counts by Order Type.

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11/15/2019 - Micros has corrected the Sonic DSR so that this report includes Order Type data again as of 11/13. The Sonic DSR is missing Order Type data for 11/04-11/12. It is currently unclear if Micros will restore Order Type detail for these dates. We will continue to monitor and will download data if it is restored.


This white paper explains why Logic Forte reporting does not currently display certain data points from Micros POS locations due to information being omitted from recent Micros reports (Sonic DSR).


Data missing from the Sonic DSR beginning on Tuesday, November, 5th 2019 is preventing Logic Forte reporting from displaying Ticket Time averages, Late Ticket counts, and Ticket Sales and Ticket Counts by Order Type.

This screenshot shows valid Order Type and daily summary data that appeared on the Sonic DSR prior to Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

Micros DSR - Order Type Section
Micros DSR - Order Type Section


Recent problems with the Sonic DSR report provided by Micros are preventing us from polling certain data for your Micros POS locations. Beginning on 11/05, the Sonic DSR report on the MyMicros website no longer includes the Order Type detail section. This detail section of the report previously showed daily ticket counts, ticket times, and stats per Order Type. We are working with Oracle to correct this information on their reports and plan to poll the missing data after the issue has been corrected. In the meantime, our reports will not include this information.

How to report this issue to Micros helpdesk?

To help us ensure this issue is corrected as quickly as possible, Oracle Support has instructed us to ask customers to report the issue to their help desk. Please notify Oracle Support that the "Order Type" section containing the following information is missing when you run your Sonic DSR report:

  • Net Sales by Order Type (e.g. Stall, Trive Thru, Order Ahead, etc) and Daily Totals
  • Ticket Counts (aka "Checks") by Order Type and Daily Totals
  • Average Sales per Ticket (aka "Check Avg") by Order Type
  • Ticket Time Averages by Order Type e.g. Total Time (aka "AV"), Reply Time (aka "Reply"), Tray Time (aka "Tray")
  • Late Ticket and Critically Late Ticket Counts by Order Type and Daily Totals
  • Hop Out and Hopped Counts by Order Type and Daily Totals

How to confirm the Sonic DSR is still incomplete?

You can verify the information is still missing from your Micros reports by logging into the MyMicros reporting website (https://sonic.mymicros.net/) and viewing a Sonic DSR report for either of the past two dates (11/05 or 11/06) and comparing to a Micros DSR for a prior date (11/04 or prior).

The Order Type section is present on the 11/04 and prior Sonic DSR reports. If the Order Type section containing the data points listed above is not present on the 11/05 and 11/06 reports, the issue still needs to be resolved by Micros.

Note: We will continue to work with Micros to make sure this issue is resolved in their reports. We should be able to access this data after the Micros DSR report begin displaying this data again. We plan to collect this missing data for all of our customer Micros locations after this issue is resolved.

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