Our Story

Logic Forte was founded by Jason Klein, who has been helping restaurant franchisees use data to run their business more effectively since 2002. The Logic Forte team has over 15 years experience with 300 restaurants in the fast food (QSR) space.

Logic Forte has over 15 years experience with nearly 300 restaurants in the fast food (QSR) space. Historically, the standard QSR sales growth has been less than 1% per year. Our customers are seeing between 3-8% sales growth per year.  This can be contributed to refining and testing our system over the years to ensure our customers see continual improvements in their growth.

Logic Forte began by making data from many systems freely accessible so we can put the right information in front of restaurant owners and operators. It is apparent that there is a need for a company like Logic Forte to manage all aspects of the technology for restaurants so that you can focus on what really matters to your business.

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