Logic Forte provides restaurant KPI dashboard reporting and point of sale analytics for Sonic franchisees and operators.

Seamless Data Reporting for Sonic Drive-In Franchisees

Starting at $60 Monthly Per Location

For Sonic Drive-In restaurant owners and managers, demystifying point of sale analytics reports and putting meaning to numbers related to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be frustrating. Logic Forte is dedicated to erasing that frustration by offering detailed, easy-to-understand restaurant KPI dashboards that resolve technology blockers so you can run your business—better.

Sonic Drive-In
Logic Forte’s advanced restaurant dashboards and point of sale analytics systems integrate with Micros Point of Sale
Logic Forte offers Infor point of sale analytics integration for our restaurant dashboards and restaurant forecasting services for Infor POS
Flightware Point of Sale
OrderMatic POS
APlus Payroll
Oasis Payroll
Paycom Payroll
Sage Accounting
Intuit QuickBooks Accounting
Proliant Payroll
Diehl Banwart Bolton CPA
Inventory Xpress
CS Accounting by Thompson Reuters
System Eight HR by ARC Technologies

How It Works

Data Collection & Analysis

Logic Forte’s KPI restaurant reports eliminate the stress and strain of trying to access and—more crucially—interpret relevant data from proprietary POS systems like Micros, Infor, and other popular restaurant tools.

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Logic Forte’s point of sale analytics systems make reviewing restaurant data and analytics easier on restaurant owners.
Sonic Drive-In restaurant owners with scattered or inefficient point of sale analytics systems and restaurant KPI dashboards can consolidate processes with Logic Forte.

Reporting & Dashboards

Logic Forte consolidates multiple data report systems into a single seamless restaurant KPI dashboard report that owners can easily understand, customize, and receive as often as desired.

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Loss Prevention

Logic Forte’s restaurant KPI dashboard reporting helps quick serve restaurant owners identify causes of potential profit loss—be it from theft, careless product storage, or not rotating inventory—and prevent it from occurring.

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Logic Forte provides data backups and stores your restaurant’s information as part of its restaurant dashboards and point of sale analytics services.

Why It Works

Raise Your Bottom Line

Logic Forte’s intuitive restaurant forecasting and reporting services address potentially costly problems before they grow out of control and cause profit loss.

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Increase Profit Margins

Logic Forte’s analytics systems help owners learn which data to zero in on so they can identify opportunities for growth—as well as potential setbacks to avoid.

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Success Stories

Logic Forte currently serves 290 restaurants in 19 states and has helped Sonic Drive-In owners improve their data processes for more than 13 years.

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As part of its restaurant KPI dashboards and point of sale analytics services, Logic Forte provides data backups and stores your restaurant’s information.

About Logic Forte

For more than 13 years, Logic Forte has been dedicated to making highly effective restaurant KPI dashboards and analytics reporting systems more accessible to Sonic Drive-In owners and operators.

Our Expertise

Support & Consultation

We’re proud to offer Sonic owners and restaurant operators personable, hands-on customer service from Logic Forte’s experienced data analysts for training and troubleshooting.

Quality Assistance

Relevant Resources

Restaurant operators and franchisees who want more information on our customizable restaurant KPI dashboards and sales analytics reporting can access Logic Forte’s many resources.

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